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Russian Soldiers Complete Psychologist-Guided 'Team-Building'

KülföldAz orosz bakákat készítik fel a békefenntartásra! Nem hiányzik a pszico-állatkodás, csak megjegyzem, hogy alibinek remek foglalatosság. Saját példámon okulva, nem old meg semmit, viszont remekül el lehet rajt szórakozni. Over 25,000 Russian conscripts in the Eastern Military District performed team-building exercises guided by psychologists.

Russia's Eastern Military District completed "socio-psychological trainings" for servicemen, the district's spokesman Alexander Gordeyev said on Saturday.

It is not clear if the military psychologists engaged troops the kind of exercises used by commercial companies, although the language used by Gordeyev appeared to suggest it. "Personal growth trainings," such as those developed by Landmark Forum, have been criticized in the past for their questionable benefits although they have been contracted by corporations for team building activities.

"Non-standard forms of socio-psychological trainings, in part, the situational role game 'Conflict situation' psychological exercises 'Acquaintance,' 'Circle of Trust,' and 'Lifting the Body,' as the work of Eastern Military District psychologists showed, lead to greater cohesion and more effective forming of military teams, preventing and overcoming military situations and correct individual and group decisions," Gordeyev said.

Training of cadets in the Arctic division DVVKU
© Sputnik/ Igor Ageyenko
Russian Armed Forces Complete Transition to New Field Uniforms
Although exercises with similar names are used by "personal growth" companies, they are also known to be used by psychologists outside of strictly guided seminars led by private firms. Gordeyev did not elaborate whether private companies were contracted for the exercises.

The Russian military has enlisted psychologists since 1994, although their numbers are relatively modest compared to the number of military psychologists in the US military. Psychologists in the Russian military were previously mainly tasked with mental health evaluations of prospective enlistees and officers, as well as tasked with preventing suicides. This appears to be the first large-scale activity outside the scope of mental health and aimed toward group cohesion.

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